Welcome to Global Business Referral Network. We are a membership based international business development firm. We are a people powered – technology driven organization All of our clients are assigned a Business Development Manager, who is both responsible for your account and compensated for your sales generated.

That is why we are people based. Nothing motivates a real person to succeed more than their own success. A performance based model is best for everyone.

Our fee schedule is simple and transparent. We charge a percentage of the sales generated on a declining schedule. No Sales, No Fees.

It also means for your Business Development Manager, that if no sales are generated on your account and they do not earn any money. Our staff is composed of college graduates with degrees predominantly in Accounting, Economics, Finance and Marketing. We also have We also have a small group of Law, Pre-Med and Political Science Majors. They tend to focus on Law, Pharmaceutical Sales and Politics.

Never forget Global Business Referral Network is not a technology company. We are however, a company that uses technology better than most. If electricity disappeared tomorrow, we simply take out our shoeboxes and 3 by 5 index cards and continue to grow our clients.



People make sales and people also feel most comfortable when they get a referral from another real person. In the Internet world we call it going viral, in the real world we call it good business. Going viral alone is not enough.

In the world of hits and clicks where you measure success by how many people visit your web site, going viral on social media is enough. In the real world were businesses have to pay rent and salaries at a minimum you need real sales and profits.

Global Business Referral Network is a performance based company that was developed with a platform and a simple premise. For us to make money we have to make you money first.

Cash Flow Lending

Most small businesses need access to working capital. Most of them are funded by using personal credit cards and personal learns. This process tends to destroy a persons personal credit even if they always pay on time because of the percentage of credit used.

Global Business Referral Network is currently working with several programs that will provide you cash flow lending based on your sales and not your FICO score. These loans are made on the business and it’s cash flow. Business loan payments are then made predominantly by taking a percentage of your future online sales and applying it directly to your business loan first.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

We could give you a very techy answer. However.

Imagine. Having several hundred if not thousands of people or other web sites, promoting your product or service and only paying for that advertising after your receive a paid sale. That is affiliate marketing.

Who uses affiliate marketing. Companies such as Microsoft, Amazon, !-800 Flowers, The Vitamin Shop and the list goes on. We think it is time for you to start using the same tactics that large corporations use to build their sales.