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Best gaming mouse 2018

Posted on August 8, 2018 By In Microsoft News With no comments

What is the best gaming mouse for your PC setup? The right rodent can make a big difference to your games, whether you go for wired or for the best wireless mouse. With modern advanced in wireless technology there’s now practically no difference between the best gaming mouse, whether it’s got a tail or not.

And we’ve tested the best to give you the definitive answer as to whether you should be spending your hard earned cash on the best Razer mouse, Logitech mouse, or Corsair mouse. But don’t forget, there are also some pretty darned tasty SteelSeries mice out there too.

The best gaming mouse is only one part of the perfect PC combo, so take a look at the best gaming keyboards to go with it.

The choices are manifold, but nailing down exactly what you want can be tricky. As ever it’s a delicate balancing act of finding the right mix of features and design. You have to juggle comfort, ergonomics, performance, reliability, specs, and always aesthetics. 

Best gaming mouse

You could have a mouse which looks like Vader’s own codpiece (we’re looking at you,

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