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The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) requires that you can prove the nature of consent between you and your subscribers. That means you must keep comprehensives records of how subscribers joined your list if you want to comply with the law.

But keeping records of consent for your subscribers can seem daunting, no matter what your email list size. 

Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be difficult or time consuming.

Below are two simple ways you can keep records of how you collect subscribers’ personal data.

Disclaimer: This blog post is for informational purposes only, and you should not consider it legal advice. We recommend that you seek legal and other professional counsel to determine exactly how the GDPR might apply to you.
Two key data points to record for GDPR consent
To prove you are GDPR compliant, you must be able to prove what a subscriber has consented to when signing up for your list. There are two parts to this:

the sign up source (i.e. the webpage they visited to sign up)
a copy of the form or mechanism they used to sign up at the time they subscribed

AWeber automatically records the sign up source within your subscribers’ records, so we have you covered there.

But it’s a bit more complex to record a copy of the sign up form. Why? Because you may have more than one sign up form on your site, or you may change your form from time to time, making it difficult to show exactly what the sign up form looked like at the time of signup.

The best way to record a copy of your sign up forms will depend on a few factors:

Do you have have multiple email sign up forms?
Do you regularly change your email sign up forms?
Do you run split tests on your email sign up forms?

How you answer these questions will impact the way in which you keep records of your sign up forms.

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“I only have a single sign up form, and NEVER change it or run split tests on my form.”
If you have a single sign up form that never changes, you should be able to manually record it since all subscribers join your list the same way.

Simply take a screenshot of the form using any commonly available software (like the Snipping Tool for Windows or Skitch for Mac) or a built-in feature on your Mac or PC.

However, a screenshot doesn’t provide you with the destination of any links on the form, such as a link to a privacy policy. So note any such URL in an accompanying text file, or add it to the screenshot image using basic editing software (like Preview on Mac or Canva).

Another alternative is to save the underlying HTML or Javascript code from your AWeber sign up form. To do this, simply copy and paste the code into a plain text file.

Once you’ve created a record of your sign up form, save the file in multiple places, such as your computer, an external hard drive, and a cloud-based storage service like Google Drive or Dropbox.

“What if I change the signup form later?” No problem. All you have to do is repeat the process above to make a new manual record, and add the details to your documentation. Be sure to retain the old record, too.

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“I have multiple signup forms, I change my form regularly, or I run split tests on my forms.”
It would be a lot of work to manually record and manage multiple or changing signup forms, while also verifying which subscribers came through specific versions of the forms.

In this case, we recommend using a service like optinopoli™ to automate the recording process.

Note: In order to use optinopoli’s auto-recording feature, you’ll need to sign up for one of their paid accounts, which starts at $19 per month. AWeber is not an affiliate of optinopoli.
How to auto-record signup forms
optinopoli™, which integrates with AWeber, is a signup form tool designed to help you collect subscribers on your website and grow your list.

Unlike other sign up form builders, it has the ability to automatically record the version of the sign up form used by each of your subscribers.

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Here’s how it works to record your forms:

For each new subscriber coming through an optinopoli™ form on your website, the app sends you a notification via email. These notifications are optional, but you’ll need to leave it on to take advantage of the auto-recording facility.

I recommend setting up a filtered folder in your inbox make managing all of the notifications easier (and to save your inbox from getting clogged!). You can receive and store these notifications in there.

Another alternative: Create a separate email account where these notifications can be sent and stored.

Within the notification, you’ll see a link for the sign up form used. If you click the link, you’ll see the exact form used by the subscriber displayed in a new browser window.

If you’re running a split test on your forms, the app will also record any variations of the form. You’ll get the record of the actual form used by the subscriber.

Pro tip: Set the lead notifications to go to a cloud-based email account, such as Gmail, where the emails can be safely and permanently stored in the cloud.

Once you’re set up with optinopoli™, be sure to test your new form and lead notification. Make sure your notification contains the link to the auto-recorded signup form.

Following the steps outlined above enables you to keep comprehensive records of consent for your subscribers. Questions? Ask me below!

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Bethesda Boss Doesn’t Want To Remaster Old Games

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Sorry Fallout fans, Bethesda has no plans to remaster anymore of its old games for the 21st Century. Known for publishing popular titles like Fallout, RAGE, and The Elder Scrolls, the video game giant won’t be delving into is back catalog for a dose of nostalgic gameplay – Bethesda wants fans to play its games how they were originally intended.

With the likes of SEGA hoping to cash in on a modern remastering of Shenmue and Capcom working on a new version of Resident Evil 2, the industry is rife with companies making a quick buck off already successful games. However, as Bethesda looks to the future with titles like Starfield and The Elder Scrolls VI, the development team at Bethesda Game Studios is only focussing on what’s new.

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Sitting down with The Guardian, Bethesda Game Studios director Todd Howard revealed that he prefers the sometimes rustic graphics and gameplay of older titles as they once were:

“I’m happy that you can play [The Elder Scrolls III] Morrowind now on an Xbox One, as it’s backwards compatible. I’m really happy that Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo and others are making it easier for people to play [older games] as they were played at the time. I actually prefer that over remasters.”

Remastering old titles may be big business, but Howard went on to explain why he prefers to play a game in its original form rather than giving it a flashy update:

“I’d rather you play Morrowind the way it was … I think the age is part of its identity. For Skyrim Remastered, we had done some work on it but it was already pretty visually close. But for something like Morrowind, my personal preference is not to remaster it. We [also] get asked a lot to remaster [1997’s] Fallout 1, and I usually say, if you have a PC you can play Fallout the way it was. I think that’s how it should be.”

It sounds like bringing Skyrim to PS4, Xbox One, and the Switch may have been a rare opportunity for players to try out Bethesda’s gaming genius with a next-gen twist.

Considering that the acclaimed Fallout 3 turns 20 this year, some of Bethesda Softworks’ legacy titles seem like they would be in a prime position for a modern update. It is also easy to see the potential of remasting something like the original Fallout in an era that the name is going from strength to strength. Elsewhere, rumors of a Fallout: New Vegas sequel have gone out the window alongside any ideas of an original remastering as Howard also confirmed Bethesda will continue to keep its development in-house for now.

It may be disappointing for fans of Bethesda’s biggest franchises, but there is no doubt that the company continues to be one of the most exciting publishers on the market. This year’s E3 was huge for the company and made Bethesda one of the expo’s biggest winners. While fans might have to dust off their old Xbox to play The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind, it shouldn’t make it any less of a thrilling experience.

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Source: The Guardian

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343 Downplays Battle Royale For Halo

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Those hoping to wage war in 100 player free-for-all on Halo Arrays might find the latest bit of news coming out of 343 a tad disappointing. During a recent 343 Mixer livestream, developers Jeff Easterling and James Bachici were asked about the possibility of battle royale making its way to the sci-fi shooter that made Xbox a household name.

Easterling replied “I’ll tell you right now, the only BR we’re really interested in is Battle Rifle.” With the battle royale subgenre taking over livestreams and a general audience with the likes of Fortnite and PUBG, and popular series like Call of Duty and Battlefield ramping up to deliver their own versions of the mode, Halo’s hold out is a notable one.

For more on Halo, check out Showtime’s plans for the upcoming television adaptation.

[Source: Mixer via IGN]

It’s important to read every single word in developer answers like this. The two biggest ones that stand out are “right now.” Sure, 343 and Microsoft might not have plans for battle royale in Halo Infinite or any other Halo offshoot at the moment, but just how long can this seminal series resist the siren call of the subgenre’s booming popularity? I imagine with FPS games like Call of Duty implementing the mode, it won’t be long.

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Microsoft releases a slew of Surface Go ads trying to convince you to buy the device

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Microsoft’s marketing department has been very busy. The company released a large number of ads for the new Surface Go tablet. More on that later. The tablet, priced as low as $400 to compete with the 6th generation Apple iPad, will launch on August 2nd. There are two different versions of the slate. The low end model comes with 4GB RAM and 64GB of SSD Storage, priced at $399. You can double the specs to 8GB RAM and 128GB of SSD Storage for $549. Both of these models are Wi-Fi only devices. They are powered by Windows 10 and come with a 10-inch display carrying a 1200 x 1800 resolution. Under …

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Why Did The Titanic Sink? Explaining With OneNote & Digital Ink

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I do a lot of demonstrations to schools and educational IT partners and one thing I commonly get asked is “can you explain why Digital Inking is so valuable?” Consequently, I decided to create the above video showing how visual ideation looks when using Microsoft OneNote and Digital Inking on my Surface Book and compared it to a traditional typed and bullet-pointed list attempting to answer the same question:

Why did the Titanic sink?

I’ll leave it up to you which version you find more memorable, however the use of the incredible SAMR model is always helpful in these discussions:


SAMR is a simple and incredibly instructive taxonomy to assist teachers planning how they can integrate technology into their pedagogy.

In a simple example like this, I’d explain SAMR a follows:

Substitution: Instead of a teacher photocopying a worksheet about the Titanic and physically handing it out to the students, they instead deliver it electronically e.g. on a Learning Management System such as Moodle or Microsoft Teams for Education or even simply emailing it to students. I find that many teachers are doing this on a frequent basis already
Augmentation: Using a tool such as Microsoft OneNote where students can not only edit their own copy, but can work collaboratively on it with other students in their class through something like OneNote Class NoteBooks. The functional improvement here is the ability to co-author and permanently save a copy of the brainstorm to be reviewed later, or even shared with students who may be away from the class for some time.
Modification: You’ll see in my video above that by using Digital Inking and OneNote a number of things are achieved that would simply not be possible without technology, allowing the task to be redesigned e.g.

As ideas evolve, they can be re-prioritized by selecting the text and associated sketches, and moved into a priority order. Additionally, they can be resized depending on their importance and even have the original colour of the “ink” changed if there is a colour coding scheme at work – imagine the possibilities here if integrated with de Bono’s six coloured hats thinking scheme.
Additional media can be added to ‘canvas’ in OneNote to cement learning in different ways. In the video above, I insert a YouTube clip of an animation of the sinking of the Titanic that can be played alongside the notes being recorded and sketched – students can take ideas directly from this media and add new information or expand on existing contributions from expert sources.

Re-Definition: Whilst not shown in the above video, an easy way to take this lesson sequence into the top level of SAMR could include ideas such as:

Using Paint3D and Mixed Reality Viewer to create a replica of the Titanic that can be projected into the class learning spaces and record a video explaining precisely why the Titanic sunk based on the research and ideation above.
Using Microsoft Teams Meet Now video calling to dial in an expert on the Titanic and host a Q&A with your class over the internet. If you think this is not possible, think again – I did this with a group of Year 3 students and the Viking Museum in York and it was a huge success. Microsoft have even created a website to assist in connecting your class with experts and other classrooms around the world – give it a go here.
Design 3D models of the Titanic and imaginary icebergs it may have hit and then print them directly from your Windows 10 device.

Here’s the final two screenshots of the different ways we could record our responses to the question “Why did the Titanic sink?”

Blog 2.PNG

A “traditional” approach using a keyboard and enumerated list – how memorable is this?

A zoomed out view using Digital Ink on my Surface Book, with sketches and symbols naturally recorded as ideas expanded. Note the ability to embed third party media like YouTube directly into the canvas and ideas re-arranged, grouped and re-sized based on importance.

Research & Additional Thoughts:
Transforming Edu

Download your free eBook copy here

This month, Microsoft released an excellent collection of research collated into a single book called Transforming Education (you can download a free PDF version of the eBook here) and I highly recommend you have a look through this for guidance on what works and what does not work in the classrooms after 30 years of research into EdTech.

At the end of each section of the book are “Red Flags” – a short list of things that have not worked across the years when attempting to integrated technology into classrooms, and “Green Flags” – critical concepts that have been proven to add value in schools for educators and students alike by successfully integrating technology.

On pages 84-90 in the book are suggestions on device choice that includes interesting research into the value of adding a digital pen/stylus to the student device (as I used in my video above):

In two different studies in which high school students solved the same mathematics and science problems, the best results came from students using a digital pen, while marking up on the digital digital content. Using the pen, students produced 56% more non-linguistic content (i.e. diagrams, symbols, numbers etc), which led to a 9-38% improvement in performance. Additionally, research revealed that informal marking of existing content (using a digital pen on top of digital content) helps students to group and organize information, and has been associated with 24.5% higher solution correctness.

For further research into the value of digital inking vs typing have a look at pp.177-181 in the eBook.

How To Test Device Capabilities For Deep Learning:

Taken from p.90 of the Transforming Education eBook, this is a helpful exercise when selecting devices:

Blog 3.PNG

Final Thoughts:

I’m a competent typist and can type at around 90 words per minute with 98% accuracy on an average day. I’m also a terrible artist and poor at handwriting. Even before I ever had access to a computer I struggled to keep my handwriting tidy and legible.

Nevertheless, the value I get from being able to sketch, link ideas and easily move and prioritize my thinking with Digital Inking far outstrips anything I can achieve with faster typing. When listening to a presentation I fall into the trap of attempting to type verbatim what is being said (and at 90wpm I can pretty much do that), whereas when digital inking I’m forced to synthesize information ‘on the fly’, actively engaging and processing knowledge during the session, resulting in far deeper recall and understanding at a later date. Whilst it is easy to scoff at my messy handwriting and poor artistic attempts to draw the Titanic hitting an iceberg, I’d be willing to wager you’re going to recall those ideas and answers far more readily than if I’d simply typed them into a bullet point list.

If you have not used a device that supports Digital Inking and Microsoft OneNote, I really encourage you to give it a go. With the recent launch of the Microsoft Surface Go, this is the most affordable and compact Surface yet and an awesome introduction to the value of Digital Inking in the classroom.

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New Xbox Elite Controllers Might Be Coming This Fall

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According to rumors, the new Xbox Elite controller may be coming sooner rather than later. In October 2015, Microsoft released the Xbox One Elite controller. Despite its high price, it sold very well. Now comes the updated Elite controller, codenamed “Washburn”.

For months, rumors about the updated version for the Elite controller have been swirling around. Way back in January there were rumors that Microsoft was working on a new version of the controller. The controller was set to show off a number of improvements, such as built-in rechargeable batteries, a USB C port, Bluetooth, three levels of hair trigger locks, a three profile switch, and longer key-travel for paddles. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the device, it’s essentially a fully customizable controller that you can fidget with to suit your needs. The controller will adapt to your play style as you choose your own unique thumbstick or D-pad.

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According to Game Informer, the Elite V2 will be released in October. Microsoft hasn’t said a word about Washburn, but a tweet from The Verge senior editor Tom Warren gives fans something to get excited about “Xbox codename Washburn. It’s a $149 Xbox controller that will ship in October…” Followers of Microsoft merchandise will note that the price is quite steep. However, the gaming community has shown that they are willing to pay a high price for quality merchandise.

Since these are just rumors for now, very little details are available as of yet. It’s been three years since the current Xbox Elite Wireless Controller was released. Reviewers tended to award it high marks, with some even calling it one of the best controllers on the market. While it’s difficult to imagine an upgrade from that lofty status, one must always keep an open mind. For those who still aren’t convinced, Microsoft also filed a patent request for an adjustable lock design in December 2017.

If this is all true, Microsoft will soon boast the new must-have item. They’ve already shown they are capable of making one reliable controller, so hopefully this not so secret announcement pays off. The official announcement will likely take place at Gamescom, considering that Microsoft’s last Gamescom stream was a popular event. Although many questions remain, it’s good to see Microsoft continually try to improve on their quality of products. With improved design, performance and seemingly limitless customization, the Xbox Washburn looks set to take the gaming community by storm.

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Source: Tom Warren (via Game Informer)

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Episode #75 – Securing Office 365 (Part 2)

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In Episode 75, Ben and Scott continue the conversation on Office 365 security, celebrate the reappearance of the Office 365 Service Descriptions.


Office365AdminPortal.com – Providing admins the knowledge and tools to run Office 365 successfully
Intelligink – We focus on the Microsoft Cloud so you can focus on your business

Show Notes

Office 365 Service Descriptions
Office Customization Tool for Click-to-Run (Preview)
Enable Microsoft 365 usage analytics
Introducing the Office 365 Secure Score
Microsoft Trust Center | Security | Office 365
Office 365 Threat Intelligence
Attack Simulator in Office 365
Running your first Simulated Office 365 Attack: Brute Force Password (Dictionary Attack)
Running your first Simulated Office 365 Attack: Spear Phishing
Running your first Simulated Office 365 Attack: Password Spray Attack
Azure AD Conditional Access support for blocking legacy auth is in Public Preview!
What is conditional access in Azure Active Directory?
Azure Active Directory B2B collaboration licensing guidance


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Best Golf Courses In Seattle

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Seattle is known for a lot of things – rain, traffic, coffee, tech companies Microsoft and Amazon, and the Space Needle – but golf is less so. With beautiful scenery thanks to mountains and the Puget sound, the best golf courses in Seattle are underrated and underappreciated. Part of that narrative changed with the 2015 U.S. Open […]

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New Preview Alpha and Alpha Skip Ahead 1810 Update – 7/20/18

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Starting at 6:00 p.m. PDT today, members of the Xbox One Preview Alpha – Skip Ahead and Preview Alpha rings will begin receiving the latest Xbox One system update (1810.180717-1920). Learn more about the new features in development for 1810 here, and read on for a list of fixes and known issues in this 1810 system update.



Fixed various performance and bug issues

Known Issues


Gamerpics may appear on certain places throughout the dashboard instead of Avatars.


We are tracking an issue where custom background images or achievement art are not being displayed on the dashboard when starting the console. The background image is not loading for the user when signing into their profile.

Workaround: Refresh the dashboard.

Virtual Keyboard

We are tracking an issue where users are reporting that various keys & controller shortcuts for the virtual keyboard are not being recognized. Certain keys (spacebar, @ symbol, – symbol) are not registering when being pressed on the keyboard (both the virtual keyboard and via a USB keyboard)


We are tracking an issue with users not being able to select/change options under Device power options in Device Control.

Game Pass Tab

Preview Alpha – Skip Ahead users will notice that the Entertainment tab has been replaced on the dashboard with Game Pass content. This new tab allows for easy access to the Game Pass catalog and is only available in the US region at this time, so Preview Alpha Skip Ahead Insiders in regions outside of the US will continue to see the Entertainment tab.


You may see issues with Groups if you frequently switch between your non-Preview console and your Preview console.

Workaround: Reset your Groups locally on the Preview console through “My games & apps” > Groups, then using the “Delete all groups” button at the bottom of the page to resync from the service.

Microsoft Edge

The cursor may disappear when exiting and re-entering the app

Workaround: Press Y when re-entering the app to make the cursor re-appea

Profile Color

Sometimes users may encounter an incorrect Profile color when powering on the console.


When the console wakes from Instant on/connected standby with a wired connection, the console may not recognize that the Ethernet cable is plugged in.

Workaround: Please reboot the console via Guide > reboot

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